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As certain of our products require to be stored in a frozen state, all shipment comes with Polystyrene Box, Aluminum Bags and Ice Bags to ensure maximum effectiveness during transit to your delivery address.

All orders (unless specifically mentioned otherwise) shall be delivered using Cold Chain services by a professional logistics company.

Normal orders – We process your order within 24 hours and will ship within 24-48 hours (Excluding orders placed during the weekend and depending on product availability). The item will be delivered to your doorstep within 1-3 days.

We provide delivery services from Monday to Saturday.

Delivery Charges: –

We charge a flat fee covering the entire Peninsula Malaysia and rebates of shipping fees apply when the order amount exceeds a certain threshold as below

  • Total order amount <RM60- No rebates

  • Total order amount RM61 - RM 120 - RM5 off delivery fees

  • Total order amount RM121 - RM180 - RM10 off delivery fees

  • Total order amount RM181 - RM240 - RM15 off delivery fees

  • Total order amount RM241 - RM300 - RM10 off delivery fees

  • Total order amount >RM301 - Free Shipping 


In any event that any of our Product(s) are delivered to the Customer and the Product has a Quality Issue, the Customer is required to contact our customer service as follows to coordinate the return as the following:

Customer will have 1-3 days (start count from the day receive goods) to fill up a complaint for a good return. 

Frozen Products will have NO RETURN after receiving the product in good condition.

Customers are required and should check the product at the time they received it. Once, they have Chopped and Signed on the Delivery Order, it will prove that customer has checked the item.

 Our return and exchange policies cater only for the following: -

  1. any Product delivered in a damaged or defective condition;

  2. any Product delivered out of date or expired;

  3. any Product delivered differently from the Order that was placed

 Product should be in its original condition, quantity and packaging as it is first delivered to the Customer together with the proof of Delivery Order, Payment and Receipt of the Products.

Our return and exchange policies, the customer is required to fill up us complaint form attached with the support as shown below:

  1.  Photo – Condition of Product (Front and Side)

  2.  Reason for Return/Exchange

  3. Document – Invoice, Delivery Order, Payment and Receipt of the Products.

  4. Quantity of Defected Product

For the avoidance of doubt, we do not entertain any return and exchange for the following: -

  1. any Product(s) that are not tasty;

  2. any Product(s) does not look fresh or aesthetically pleasing;

  3. any Product(s) that does not store in the stipulated requirements as per the Product’s labels.

NO CASH RETURN POLICY, we do not entertain refunds in the form of cash but in the form of vouchers or store credit only. Alternatively, we will arrange for any return and exchange of Product(s) with the same Product(s) that was ordered or other Product(s) provided the price difference would be paid for by either us or the Customer and vice-versa.

All replacements or exchanges of Product(s) shall be dealt with subject to the availability of the Product(s).

Customers who wrongly order will not entertain.


We only replace the item(s) if they are defective or damaged right upon delivery. If you are not satisfied with the quality, please take a photo of the item and send us a replacement request via email at We’ll process your request and revert you within 3 working days.

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